Hours for
Walk in X-Rays:

Mon-Thurs:  9am-7pm
Friday :        9am-5pm
     Sat :        9am-1pm
Lunch(closed): 1-1.30
Closed on Holidays.
(905) 566-1548


Special Features of our Facility:
  • • This is a C.A.R accredited mammography centre
  • • We use the MicroDose High Resolution Digital Mammography unit ( see below).
Advantages of MicroDose High Resolution Mammography unit that is used here:
  • • It’s unique Photon counting technology reduces the radiation dose by about half, compared to most other mammographic units.
  • • It’s resolution and detail is superior than most other mammo units
  • • It’s curved positioning surface is more comfortable for most patients.
  • If you deserve one of the best mammographic systems, this is it.
For more information on MicroDose Mammography, visit : www.philips.com/microdose
Indications :
  • • Patients >age 50 – Commonly done as an yearly screening tool
  • • Patients aged 30- 50- Clinical indications, concerns, family history, baseline.
  • • Patients < age 30 - Ultrasound is the first preferred test.
Note : OHIP only allows one mammo every 12 months except for special cases.
Implants :
If you have implants, please tell us when booking.
  • A 2 piece clothing is better. No underarm deodorants or powders.
Examination :
Usually takes about 10-20 minutes, but best to allow about half hour . After the initial exam, if the reporting radiologist decides that some areas need to be better examined with additional and directed views and/or ultrasound , you may receive a call from us for these extra imaging (happens in about 10% of cases) . Do not be alarmed by this and do not draw any conclusions from this. If you have implants, tell us when booking .
  News Updates

  • Mar 2013: Apple-Med renews it's C.A.R mammography accreditation for another 3 years.
  • March/2013: Wehave added the latest Philips IU22 ultrasound unit.
  • In 2013, we are closed on May20, Jul1, Sep2, Oct14, Dec 25& 26, Jan 1.
  • March /2012 : Apple-Med X-Ray installs the MicroDose High Resolution Digital Mammography Unit.
  • September 2010, Apple-Med passes the assessment by the College of Physicians And Surgeons.
  • March 2011. Apple-Med X-Ray installs a New G.E Prodigy Bone Density Machine.
  • June 2011: Apple-Med X-Ray becomes a CBMD accredited Bone Density Centre.