Hours for
Walk in X-Rays:

Mon-Thurs:  9am-7pm
Friday :        9am-5pm
     Sat :        9am-1pm
Lunch(closed): 1-1.30
Closed on Holidays.
(905) 566-1548

Booking Appointments

  • a. Please check that ALL tests  have been booked correctly - by number & name.
  • b. Please follow the preparations as indicated on the back of our requisition.
  • c. Please bring the requisition from an Ontario licensed doctor & health card.
  • d. Please ensure that you have the fax and phone numbers of your doctor.
  • * Please see our requisition for information on preparations and clinic information.
  • * Walk in x-rays do not require an appointment.
If you are not clear of the exam, please fax us at (905)566-1643. Once received, we can help advise on the test as well as proper preparation and time.
1.By phone:  (905) 566- 1548 or (905)566-5521.
  • Please provide the following information when making an appointment
    • -Your name & phone numbers (home & alternate)
    • -Name and number of ALL examinations for booking.
    • -Your health number and date of birth.
    • -Name of Doctor who requested the test.
2. By Fax request:  (905)566-1643.
  • -Fax your requisition and include all the information as above
  • -Indicate your preferred time choices (Morning, Afternoon, Evening).
  • -Indicate preferred method of confirmation (fax or phone).
  • -Please follow up if you do not hear from us within one business day
3. By E-mail request (please follow up if you do not receive confirmation within one business day):
Submit the completed request form below  OR E-mail your completed scanned requesition to: info@applemedxray.ca
First Name :
Last name :
Date of Birth :  /  /  (DD/MM/YYYY)
Health card :
Phone numbers:
E.mails :
Preferred times and dates :  /  /  (DD/MM/YYYY) (1)
   /  /  (Date)
   /  /  (DD/MM/YYYY) (2)
   /  /  (Date)
   /  /  (DD/MM/YYYY) (3)
   /  /  (Date)
Additional Remarks :
Examinations : Please indicate name of test and procedure number below
Procedure : Name of Test
# Name of test
  Cancellations of less than 1 working day , may be charged ( NO answering machine)


  News Updates

  • Mar 2013: Apple-Med renews it's C.A.R mammography accreditation for another 3 years.
  • March/2013: Wehave added the latest Philips IU22 ultrasound unit.
  • In 2013, we are closed on May20, Jul1, Sep2, Oct14, Dec 25& 26, Jan 1.
  • March /2012 : Apple-Med X-Ray installs the MicroDose High Resolution Digital Mammography Unit.
  • September 2010, Apple-Med passes the assessment by the College of Physicians And Surgeons.
  • March 2011. Apple-Med X-Ray installs a New G.E Prodigy Bone Density Machine.
  • June 2011: Apple-Med X-Ray becomes a CBMD accredited Bone Density Centre.