Hours for
Walk in X-Rays:

Mon-Thurs:  9am-7pm
Friday :        9am-5pm
     Sat :        9am-1pm
Lunch(closed): 1-1.30
Closed on Holidays.
(905) 566-1548

Vascular Ultrasound

Lower Extremity- Arterial colour doppler ( for leg arteries):
To check for peripheral vascular disease , postsurgical angioplasty, post-operative graft surveillance , aneurysm, ABI, toe pressures etc.
Lower Extremity – Venous colour Doppler ( for leg veins):
To check for deep venous thrombosis, valvular incompetence , Venous reflux etc.
Upper Extremity- Arterial colour Doppler ( for arm arteries):
To check for peripheral vascular disease, radial artery surveillance, aneurysm etc.
Upper Extremity- Venous colour doppler ( for arm veins):
To check for deep venous thrombosis .
Carotid Doppler( for main arteries in the neck) :
To assess Bruit evaluation, vertigo/dizziness/tinnitis, diabetes, T.I.A/CVA, hemiparesis, aneurysm, chronic headaches.
Abdominal Doppler ( for specified major abdominal blood vessels):
Usually done for: Aorta & iliacs, mesenteric, portal sytem, renal artery & veins.
  News Updates

  • Mar 2013: Apple-Med renews it's C.A.R mammography accreditation for another 3 years.
  • March/2013: Wehave added the latest Philips IU22 ultrasound unit.
  • In 2013, we are closed on May20, Jul1, Sep2, Oct14, Dec 25& 26, Jan 1.
  • March /2012 : Apple-Med X-Ray installs the MicroDose High Resolution Digital Mammography Unit.
  • September 2010, Apple-Med passes the assessment by the College of Physicians And Surgeons.
  • March 2011. Apple-Med X-Ray installs a New G.E Prodigy Bone Density Machine.
  • June 2011: Apple-Med X-Ray becomes a CBMD accredited Bone Density Centre.